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About Government Services

DFI International Government Services to provide. Among them is the big topic of Strategic Beraung and knowledge management for industry and governments. A link between them is in today's globalized world means useful. If you act as a business in the global market, a highly political decisions affect. But even regional companies, for example from Österreich will benefit from a partner that also offers government services and thus know exactly how political decisions are taken at what level. Government Services means from a business perspective to know, to speak with whom in order to achieve something. With the advice of politics and economy can achieve DFI International to mutual benefit. Of Government Services that can benefit not only one page. Both can use the experience of DFI International profitably.

DFI International icians supported in the elaboration, preparation and execution of national security projects. Both the preparatory work that includes the survey of the population on specific topics, as well as the drafting of legislative or regulatory texts are part of the service that runs on Government Services. From policy is expected in this day and age, that they involve many complex details in their decisions. The enlistment of a DFI International is just as legitimate. A consultation with DFI International is therefore useful mainly on the decision taken level. Where facts really weighed and programs are devised, are government services of a consultant help.

DFI International is also working with businesses. In this context, the calls for governments Government Services program called Corporate Services. It is particularly beneficial for sectors that are particularly dependent on political decisions. These are for the areas of defense and space technology, biotechnology, logistics, security technologies and information technologies. As with DFI International Government Services, it is here primarily concerned with questioning markets and in respect to taking decisions on the preparations. This includes requests for assistance with policy makers and industry.

DFI International can draw on long experience in both areas. The synergy effects of a work are apparent in both. In particular, by the offer of the Government Services Government Services of the employees know what are the key questions you should ask yourself when you are in relation to the policy to be successful. DFI International is ultimately to ask the necessary questions and answers dne properly deal

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